Finally the Day…

shining A full day ahead of cooking, eating, opening presents, and socializing. Remembrance of things past as this day will become tomorrow.


Tree Romance

treeObviously the tree is up. Although it is an artificial tree ready to celebrate its silver anniversary – 25 years ago we bought it in protest of way-too-high live tree prices – it is still holding its own, showing its age only in the ends of the branches which, having lost their needles, are down to bare wire.

I never decorate the same tree. Some years I put a few branches in the wrong place, move the lights onto different levels, rearrange the ornaments, leaving some off the tree and taking out others stored away. For years one Christmas ritual was the addition of a new ornament, but now there are so many, I can’t find enough spots to display all I want to. Kinda like life – so many interesting things to see, do, or learn about, and no way to squeeze them all in. Yet when I’ve added as much as I can, the lights shine brightly and the trim glistens and sparkles.

The holidays are notable for the psychic atmosphere which seems to come in  moments of joy and peace – at least in pockets. If you become still on Christmas Eve, you can almost feel the world taking a breath of holiday. Busyness ended for few moments of contemplation and remembering. Life is full and now is a good time to look back and honor what was, as well as what is now. Shallow and clichéd thoughts, perhaps, but what creates clichés is that they reflect a general truth.

Still thinking about the direction of this blog and what I propose to do with it in the new year, providing, of course, that the world doesn’t end tomorrow, December 21. I’ll make time to write a mission statement on such an auspicious day, and hope that Saturday it will make sense.

Seasonal Joys

Our cat Rocky and a string of Christmas lights.

Hmm, this one seems to be working.

Most people enjoy the December holiday season though they might complain about all the busyness involved with shopping, cooking, visiting, and general going-about.  I thought that retirement would allow me to slow down and savor the pleasures day by day, but it seems that I am as busy as ever trying to keep up with what needs to be done. What happens, really is that having open time allows for so many more possibilities and in my butterfly mind, I want to do them all. Well at least most of them. So here I am with the tree half decorated (no thanks to Rocky who thinks light cords make great toys), a list of dinners and parties to cook for, presents still to buy, and a house to make presentable before the Big Day.

But I do love it.



Ornaments on Christmas tree spelling Joy


I intended to put away all the Christmas decorations and take down the tree yesterday, but I got as far as putting away our holiday coffee cups. While getting the empty boxes and bags out of the room where I’d stored them, I felt a twinge of sadness. How quickly the time passed since I put the tree up. One more day (and night), I thought, and I’ll be ready, but here I am photographing the tree for posterity and playing on the computer instead of getting to work.

Ours is an eclectic tree. Each year I buy one or two new ornament sand this year I need to cull some out of the collection. The tree is still the same size while the pile keeps growing. I don’t know how long the tree will last. It’s probably about 20+ years old and is showing bare wire in some places. Will we downsize or start buying a fresh tree? That’s a question for next year. Meanwhile, I’ll take a deep breath and start packing.