Stretching into 2013

photo of tabby cat sleeping on a black suitcase

Rocky sleeping on my son’s suitcase

Appropriate that I should write the first post of 2013 and include a picture of a suitcase. Oh, and a cat. In this past November my husband made me a gift of a Canon EOS Rebel T3 digital camera to replace the Kodak Easy Share digital camera I’ve had for a couple of years. I’ve been wanting to upgrade for quite a while now, so the gift was a wonderful treat. However, the Canon has a myriad of settings and functions and comes with a large basic instruction manual plus a CD with more information. Yikes! So I decided that I would challenge myself to taking a photo a day using my new camera and its settings to force myself to learn what I can do with it. This led me to create another blog,  A Daily Photo in 2013. Not an exciting title, but gets the job done. So far, so good.  I’ll be posting lots more on that blog than this one, but intend to write here what doesn’t exactly fit into the photo-a-day theme.

That’s our tabby cat, Rocky. He’s about 3 years old and very active. His daily routine is up early, breakfast, a quick check of spa room and entry, cellar, bird feeder window, upstairs bedrooms, then kitchen food dishes, then a nap. The rest of the day, repeat. This photo was taken when our son Steve came to visit over the holidays and left his suitcase in the entry hall. Before he could take it upstairs to the guest room, Rocky claimed it. I have to admit I’m a sucker for cute cat pictures.

You have been warned. 🙂


Seasonal Joys

Our cat Rocky and a string of Christmas lights.

Hmm, this one seems to be working.

Most people enjoy the December holiday season though they might complain about all the busyness involved with shopping, cooking, visiting, and general going-about.  I thought that retirement would allow me to slow down and savor the pleasures day by day, but it seems that I am as busy as ever trying to keep up with what needs to be done. What happens, really is that having open time allows for so many more possibilities and in my butterfly mind, I want to do them all. Well at least most of them. So here I am with the tree half decorated (no thanks to Rocky who thinks light cords make great toys), a list of dinners and parties to cook for, presents still to buy, and a house to make presentable before the Big Day.

But I do love it.


Welcome Spring

It’s Spring here in eastern Pennsylvania, but looking out my window, I would hardly know it. Gloomy sky, drab woods, dark rocks still wet with the rain that fell yesterday. Only a patch of grass here and there shows up bright green and cheerful. But as March is, a few days ago the temperature was in the seventies, the sun was shining and we were outside enjoying the afternoon.

crocus flower

Crocus, the flower of Spring

A good time to introduce our new cat, Rocky, to the Big World. (We got Rocky from Peaceable Kingdom in November, when he was about 10 months old and to our knowledge, had never been outside.) Because Rocky is energetic and curious, we decided he needed a harness so that if he decided to follow his nose, he wouldn’t disappear forever into the woods. Harness? Rocky had to think about that.

Rocky in his harness

Rocky Wearing his New Red Harness

Well, ok. Let’s check out the flower bed.

Rocky in the flower bed

Rocky Checking out the Flower Bed

Rocky’s idea of walking in harness was more like a slink. His belly practically rubbing the ground and his steps tentative, he walked to the end of the bed, then attempted to run across the dead grass towards the woods. His leash, somewhat of a bungee cord, stopped him short. He returned to the flower bed for further investigation. After a few sniffs and scratches, Rocky was ready to go back inside.

rocky sleeping in his basket

Rocky Sleeping in his Basket

He wasted no time in hopping into his favorite place for a nap. All that fresh air, sunshine, and excitement had its effect. No need to wake up until dinnertime!

Note: the African basket contains some silk skirts I had made ready for sale. After a show, I put the basket at the bottom of the stairs, ready to return it to my stock room. Rocky found it later that same day and decided it would make a dandy bed. How we spoil our cats…