My 2016 Year Card

The Chariot: #7 Tarot Card

The Chariot: #7 from the Ciro Marchetti   “Legacy of the Divine Tarot.”

As a lover of Tarot, each year I calculate my year card to see what energies will prevail in the upcoming year. Because my birthday is in February, I figure the year from January to January (close enough), so in a couple of weeks, my new challenges will begin. The year 2016 card for me is The Chariot. According to one source, the card means deeper spiritual understanding.  As a year card, it means change in location, career, family, and opportunities: a year to focus and harness one’s energies. I can accept this challenge. I tend to be a butterfly, first one thing and then another, and the housework doesn’t seem to get done often. Procrastination is one of my basic activities (or non-activity as the case may be). While I have many ideas, putting them into the world is another thing entirely. I miss more than I want to for lack of preparation. Now that the energies are aligning for me, I have hope that I can become more active in the outward world rather than in my mind. I am making a list of what needs to be done and what I want to do on a yellow legal tablet, hoping to be able to cross off items on a daily basis.

Well, weekly anyway…


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