So I’m back

So I’m back and the question is, what am I doing here after a hiatus of over 2 years? Where was I and what was I doing? Nothing and everything, I’d say, if you forced an answer out of me. When I began this blog as my cleoxcat persona, I asked myself how personal I wanted to get, how much to put out in the blogosphere – the Net, that telephonic black hole which everyone understands and no one can explain. What could I say about my life without giving away the goods? Or even partially. If you don’t get personal, you don’t connect. I know that because I love a good story or a good gossip or some tidbit I can relate to. Was it me or was it you that life happened to? Ok, ok, so maybe this is a bit schizophrenic, but then, if you don’t have more than one personality, life can be a bit boring. Nothing to watch or see here. Nothing to see… so move on.

But I came across an exceptional photo of a glass aspect into the forest, featuring a bed, roots, windows, and woods – all of which can be symbolic if you take yourself seriously (which I rarely do).

Loved it. Thought about forests and November and then I created this page for my scrapbook:

“Are we being dreamed by a single divine intelligence, by God, or are we being dreamed by the collective consciousness of all things — by all the electrons, Z particles, butterflies, neutron stars, sea cucumbers, human and nonhuman intelligences in the universe?

“We cannot ask if the part is creating the whole, or the whole is creating the part because the part is the whole. So whether we call the collective consciousness of all things ‘God,’ or simply ‘The consciousness of all things,’ it doesn’t change the situation.

“The universe is sustained by an act of such stupendous and ineffable creativity that it simply cannot be reduced to such terms.

“As the Kalahari Bushmen so eloquently put it, ‘The dream is dreaming itself.'”

– Michael Talbot

Waking up in a place like this, so open. Is it terrifying, where anything can happen or freeing, where anything can happen? The answer to that question determines how you live your life…in beauty or in fear.

So where do we go from here? I, for one, am tired of worrying about the world. I think I’ll just decline to frown and suffer, and instead, offer up a prayer for the well-being which always surrounds us. No apologies for my  momentary distraction, just hello world, I love you and hold you in my heart.



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