The Heat of the Earth

photo of plant shoots coming up amid brown leaves

Snowdrop leaves

Finally a sunny day after what seems to be months of clouds, grayness, dampness, and general gloom making me feel as if I need double energy just to get by.  Called outside by the brightness today, I squished my way around the yard looking for any signs at all that we might actually experience Spring in the future. There, tucked among patches of snow, my eye was caught by green: the slim leaves of snowdrops growing through last year’s debris into the light. Green, the color of life, a spark among the brown leaves. I read somewhere that it is not the sun’s light that calls forth plants from the earth, it is instead, the heat of the earth which starts the growing process and urges the plants to unfurl and expand. So the sun, which started its northward climb on December 21 has had its effect in heating the earth just enough to start the changes that will blossom in April. February 2, Groundhog Day, Brigid’s Day, Candlemas, Imbolc, is the cross-quarter day when one can begin to see the lengthening of the light which began at the winter solstice. The sun’s rays, lengthening to warm the earth. In my sun room, my plants begin to show new green and I know it’s time to give them fertilizer and more water and in a little while, take some cuttings to start new plants. The insistent vibrancy of spring helps them root and grow, and in the summer, bloom. Time later for action. Right now I think I’ll just rest, feel green, and put out new roots myself.


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