A Rich Dream Encounter

lily pads

Lily Pads At Longwood Gardens

Talk to the dead; they are alive  by Robert Moss

Many of us yearn for contact with departed loved ones. We miss them; we ache for forgiveness or closure; we yearn for confirmation that there is life beyond physical death. This is one of the main reasons why people go to psychic readers.Here’s an open secret: we don’t need a go-between to talk to the deceased. We can have direct communication with our departed, in timely and helpful ways, especially if we are willing to pay attention to our dreams and learn the arts of active and conscious dreaming.Sometimes we sense the presence of a deceased person we have loved. Sometimes this is accompanied by physical signs, little anomalies that suggest that something is moving through the veil of our routine perception and our consensual reality. Full-fledged visitations often take place in the spacious reality of dreams and liminal states of consciousness, quite often in the hypnagogic zone. In whatever ways they can find to get through to us, our departed come to visit for all sorts of reasons…

—from Dream Gates, a blog by Robert Moss located on beliefnet.com

I’ve written before about my favorite dream shaman, Robert Moss, and he’s the one I turn to when I need a deeper insight into one of my dreams. The above quote is what I found when I went searching through his Dream Gates blog for pieces he’d written about encountering departed friends in dreams. It does not quite touch on my experience, but it’s a kind of verification that what I experienced I actually experienced, albeit in a different level of consciousness. A few days ago I awoke feeling languorous and as if I’d been relaxing in, no, rolling in, green, the green of spring, of freshness, of fertility, the color of pleasure. Closing my eyes, I opened my inward eye to try to recover my last dream of the night (early morning actually) and realized that I’d been wrapped up in, embracing, an old friend who left the physical world quite a while ago. We, he and I, were stretched into each other as if our very molecules were blending, shapes shifting, drifting in, sharing bliss. The totality of the dream fragment was this simple encounter.

Now this is not a friend I dream of often, so I  pondered what could be the meaning of this melding. Was I embracing my inner animus? Was I simply relaxing myself, releasing stress, healing myself in a dream fragment? I think the answer is neither of the above. Previous to going to bed the night before, I had been cleaning out old emails and found one from a very long time ago (transferred across several computer upgrades) written about him by another friend. I read through the message, remembering the times she spoke of fondly, and then finally erased the message with only a pinch of regret. I think somehow my picturing him in my mind  sent out a psychic vibration into the layer of consciousness where he is now, and he dropped by to visit me. And, given his affection for me, he embraced me for a while, allowing me to sense him and say hello in return.

Sometimes I’m not sure what I believe about parallel realities and “other worlds.” Do the dearly departed walk among us in another level of vibration most of us can’t see? If we do sense a presence, is it a thought-memory or the personality? To explore such ideas and puzzle out the nature of reality (if anyone really can) is a pleasure I can’t get enough of. An addiction to looking for ghosts of all sorts? Hmm….


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