Dreaming of Houses

View of 2-story gray house seen through a snowy woods.

A House in the Snowy Woods

Last night I dreamed about a house – not sure of the details but I remember seeing the outside of a square, tall house set on a hill of green grass on a sunny day…

I’ve been interested in dream interpretation since I’ve been a small girl. My first introduction to it was buying a “dream guide with lucky numbers” pulp paperback one afternoon on my way home from junior high school. I decided my lucky number was 8, but as for the rest, I wasn’t so sure that dreaming about horses meant I would lose money through a friend. Later on I would study dreaming as interpreted in the Seth Material. Jane Roberts’ “Seth” book, Dreams, Evolution, and Value Fulfillment, provided a history of how humanity dreamed itself into existence in the physical world and how its continued dreaming helps shape the daily world. However, fascinating as the material was, my nightly dream interpretation continued to be both obvious and elusive. I read other authors: Patricia Garfield, Gayle Delaney, Ray Grasse, Robert Moss. Each theory connected into the others, but in the end I decided that I was my own authority and, allowing my intuition to surface as best it could, began a dream journal/dream journey which has come with me into today.

I believe we dream on many levels: one level deals with our day-to-day existence, offering advice on the current situation. Another level brings hints of directions we could take while making decisions other than our normal course. Still another level ties into our cosmic existence, hinting at other lives and other probabilities. It takes much practice to sort this all out, but it is a worthy task as the challenges make you look into other aspects of your life which otherwise remain hidden.

To me, houses in dreams represent the shapes of our lives: a house, its shape, style, number of stories, rooms, hidden rooms, staircases, doors, windows, cellars, attics – all have significance. In the photo at the top of this message, a house is seen through snowy woods, as if in a dream. Is it a destination? A background? Is the dreamer coming towards or going from? Is the house hidden by the trees and snow for a reason? Who created it? Who lives there? Who lives there now?

In the answers to these questions lies unexplored territory of the psyche. I’m getting my hiking boots on!


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