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Sign for Chinese Restaurant

Cherry Street Chinese Kosher

Several days ago we took a short trip to Philadelphia’s Chinatown. Chinatown in Philly is a not-so-well kept secret of several square blocks of Chinese stores, restaurants, and markets near the Market Street East station and the Convention Center. As one would expect, many of the people on the street had an Asian cast to their features, (when you go there on a weekday, there are few tourists), and many were carrying shopping bags or pushing carts. We too were heading to one of the food markets. My husband is fond of ramen noodle soups and says the best kind come directly from China, and insists on purchasing them directly from an “authentic” store. We bring along a large shopping bag as he buys enough to supply him for several months.

After parking the car (always a challenge), we decided to have lunch and looked at several places to eat. We found a dim sum restaurant which turned out to be a delightful choice. We had pork and shrimp dumplings along with a crispy fried shrimp dish. Hot tea and cold water and a atmosphere filled with bright red decorations, crystal chandeliers, and vases of large pink and red peonies added to our enjoyment. Not bad for under $20.

The sign at the top of this post is not for the place where we ate. It just caught my eye as we were walking back to the car. I wonder how many Chinese Kosher Vegetarians actually exist or is this simply an opportunity to mix and match? Our trip to Chinatown is a quick visit to another culture, and we make it every couple of months. Snatches of a language I don’t understand, writing I can’t read, a place where I would never fit in except in odd ways, but still welcoming strangers by having familiar choices along with a different way of life.


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