Ornaments on Christmas tree spelling Joy


I intended to put away all the Christmas decorations and take down the tree yesterday, but I got as far as putting away our holiday coffee cups. While getting the empty boxes and bags out of the room where I’d stored them, I felt a twinge of sadness. How quickly the time passed since I put the tree up. One more day (and night), I thought, and I’ll be ready, but here I am photographing the tree for posterity and playing on the computer instead of getting to work.

Ours is an eclectic tree. Each year I buy one or two new ornament sand this year I need to cull some out of the collection. The tree is still the same size while the pile keeps growing. I don’t know how long the tree will last. It’s probably about 20+ years old and is showing bare wire in some places. Will we downsize or start buying a fresh tree? That’s a question for next year. Meanwhile, I’ll take a deep breath and start packing.


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