New Year’s Day

photo of firewood pile

Our "Bugwood" Stack

Ah, the first day of the year, traditionally given to reviewing the past year and making resolutions for the upcoming year. We split wood today; the weather was mild and the sun shining. The process is, my husband runs the splitter and separates the split wood into to two piles: “good” wood and “bug” wood. and my job is to stack the piles. The “good” wood goes into the woodbox and the “bug” wood gets stacked right outside the side door and covered with plastic to keep the weather off it. The wood comes from trees on our property which have fallen naturally, and there has been no dearth of these since we moved in over 17 years ago. We use the “bug” wood first. The “good” wood gets put inside next to the fireplace in a basket, ready for those days when it’s nicer to stay indoors than to brace cold rain or snow. We have a cozy fire most nights, warming our living room while we watch tv and drink after-dinner (here it’s supper) coffee.

So how does stacking wood related to 2012? Perhaps the old platitude of preparing for the future by stocking up when the sun is shining? How about separating the not-so-good wood from the good stuff, but keeping both because each has its uses? I think far too often when we think of resolutions, we think of a clean slate, the “I will become a different person” idea, but is such a radical change necessary? How about picking several small things to work on, focusing on what is already working and making it more so? Lots easier than the traditional cut-and-burn.

I found the quote below on my Facebook wall:
“The foundation of all New Year’s resolutions are based in the egoic position of I AM NOT. I wasn’t enough of something in 2011 so I’m going to strive to become something more in 2012. Stop! Take a breath and BE present to the insanity of this way of being. When you start from deficiency and lack you end up with more deficiency and lack. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! So let’s begin 2012 by acknowledging the truth that YOU ARE AN INFINITE BEING. Abide in the infinite possibilities and begin the New Year based in the knowing that you are already everything right now” ~ Panache Desai.

My New Year’s Resolution is to appreciate where I am and then take a step forward.


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