Blessing for the first day of your new life – Dream Gates

…from Robert Moss: “The Celts are good at blessings, and this is one of my favorites. We often say it, as a circle, on the last day of my workshops. We picture ourselves rising up from whatever we have been through, into the light of the new day which may also be the first day of a new life.You can try this any day. Why not make today the first day of your new life?As you say the words below, you are claiming your connection with the powers of Heaven and Earth, with the elemental forces. A good thing to do on any day in your life journey. You might want to start by rising up from a sitting or kneeling position and throwing up your arms towards the sky as you say:I arise now through the strength of HeavenLight of SunRadiance of MoonSplendor of FireSpeed of LightningSwiftness of WindDepth of OceanStability of EarthFirmness of RockI borrowed these lines from the Camina Gadelica, a splendid collection of charms and songs of the Scottish highlands and islands gathered by Alexander Carmichael from elders and grandmothers around 1900. The text is part of an ancient Celtic lorica, or “breastplate charm” that became known, in its Christianized version, as “St Patrick’s Breastplate.” The lines used here long predate St Patrick’s mission!”

via Blessing for the first day of your new life – Dream Gates.

Full Moon Rising

December 30. The second-last day of the year and one of my favorite days. It doesn’t have the frantic energy of New Year’s Eve and the Christmas excitement is past. A day for taking pause, smooth energy, a peaceful eddy in the flow of time before the flow begins again. I spent the day cleaning up, putting away Christmas gifts, freezing leftovers for the time when we’ll want to eat them again, digging into the pile of wash which has accumulated – towels, sheets tableclothes, and cleaning out drawers, making piles of toss-this and take this other to the Salvation Army. All-in-all a good working day. In the back of my mind I tossed around thoughts of New Year’s Resolutions in the form of how I would like to see myself in 2012, what I would like to accomplish, possibilities and dreams. I am good at making lists and just as good at ignoring them, so I’m thinking tomorrow I will do some sort of scrapbook/collage to capture these thoughts on paper in a less formal way. Reminders are helpful if they are guidelines, not rules.

The opening paragraph was borrowed from Robert Moss’s blog, Dream Gates. Robert is what I call a “Dream Art Scientist” (reference The Seth Material), and is comfortable on many levels of consciousness, in and out of dreams and waking reality. I’ve found much to think about and to practice through his writings. The ritual written above is a good one for the last day of the year.


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