Fall Back

Fall back, as they say when the clocks change back to regular time (as if time can really be measured). I’m a bit premature here: Daylight Savings Time ends in November. But there is a time change today – the day of the Autumnal Equinox (Friday, September 23), and that stands for something. From here on in, nights will be longer, daylight less prominent. Dark in the morning when I get up. Crisp, cool days (we are still waiting for the infamous PA humidity to release us from its grip until next year), the season of apples and pumpkins, gourds and grapes, harvest and Mabon, leaves starting to fall. And today, rain. Rain started falling this afternoon, a dividing curtain, a demarcation summer-into-fall. Fallout, rain, water, traditionally the sign of emotion, of flow, of depth and penetration. A suitable dark, cloudy accompaniment to the subtle shift of feeling when the sun slips into Libra, its fall or Fall, depending on how you spell it.

I’ve neglected this blog after its brave beginnings. No more. September has always meant, to me (the ultimate student), a new beginning, a new term. And so it shall be. Focus and refocus. The world is a magical place and I open myself to, allow myself that. Welcome to my new beginning.


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