A Postcard from the Universe

Old postcard photo of a small, black kitten

Kleine Katzchen

Yesterday I impulsively decided to skip the service at my local Center For Spiritual Living and go to the Great Eastern Paper Show at the Agriplex in Allentown, PA. I hadn’t been to the show in about 4 years. I stopped going when the friend I used to help with his booth at the show (he sold cigarette cards), passed away suddenly, right before the Fall Show. (Part of the fun of the show was showing him the bits and pieces I bought – postcards, letters, scraps, and other ephemera – and hearing his teasing critique.) Recently the collections I’d put away began coming to mind and I pulled box after box out of the closet, sorting and filing and enjoying the treasures I’d hidden away.

So with memories fresh in my mind, I entered the show, noting that the admission had gone up a dollar and that the show was bigger than I remembered it. With no particular goal in mind, I wandered the aisles, looking and sifting, focusing on whatever caught my attention. I had been an avid postcard collector for years (romance/lovers, cats, holiday cards mostly), but this time walked by most of the postcard boxes until just before I was ready to leave. A box of real photo postcards attracted me and I began poking around under the category, “Cats,” and found the postcard pictured above. Part of the fun of postcards is what’s written on them, so I turned it over and found, to my surprise, my name on it.

Writing on back of kitten postcard

My Dear Little Ellen

My Dear Little Ellen, this is a picture of our kitten we had when your mother was little…I hope it will bring you much luck on your birthday. From your Grandmother in Husum. (Very rough translation.)

Of course I had to buy it and the price was right – only $4. (You may note that the card is dated October 31, 1962, but the card is much older than that date, probably around 1915. Also, my birthday is not in October, though Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.)

What it all means? ::shrug:: Just a friendly hello from the Universe and maybe a welcome back to a hobby I most enjoyed.


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