Stage Fright

hall at Longwood Gardens

“Hello World” is  WordPress’s default title for a new blog’s first post, and this is a new blog indeed though I’ve been in the world way longer than I realize till I look in the mirror or have another birthday. I’ve been around what is now called cyberspace for quite a while, too. Before the World Wide Web appeared on the scene in 1994, I was an avid user of AppleLink PE (later America Online), joining in December 1988, right after it came out of beta, accessing it through a 1200 baud modem. (I thought that was fast enough.) Going online was Alice-Fell-Down-The-Rabbit-Hole for me, and I was instantly addicted to the characters and entertainment (both conscious and unconscious) in this both ingenious and mundane world which exists everywhere and nowhere

Stage fright. Confronted with the blank page, my mind goes blank. Everything to say and nothing to say. In those first days on AppleLink PE, I had several “pen”pals from across the country. We’d email almost daily, sharing our different lives. It was a revelation and sometimes like having a diary that answered me back. I wrote then to savor my life, slow it down, enjoy the nuances, corners, and silences I usually rushed by in the “doing” of my life. It is my intention here to begin again those savourings. Ideas, pictures, books, adventures, imagination, joy, journeys. The weather. I can’t wait to begin.


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